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This site is completed little by little of new pages
on the heritage to be discovered in the Country of Iroise.



Animations and festivals around heritage
Using the QR code
The translations
Document: Pytheas the Massaliot
Document : Memories of a lighthouse keeper.


An original treasure hunt    The marine eyes of the Iroise Country  
Towns and villages of Iroise country    All pages of the site, accessible by municipality  
Heritage and Internet    A thought about his work by the author of this website  

Museums and exhibitions
              - The Ponant Museum in St-Renan
              - The "Mémoires 39-45" museum in Plougonvelin
              - The "Maison de l'Algue" in Lanildut
              - The exhibition on the Iroise Sea at Le Conquet
              - The House of Environment in Molène
              - The Drummond Castle Museum in Molène

Discovery routes :

              - The precious water of Molène
              - The lavoirs of Le Conquet
              - The davits of the coast
              - The canons of Iroise
              - The tip of Kermorvan

Pocket itineraries to print:

              - The lavoirs of Le Conquet
              - A crime in Landunvez 1500 years ago
              - Menhirs and dolmens
              - Such pretty little chapels
              - Mysterious heritage
              - Enigmatic sundials
              - Curious Gaulish steles
              - Land lighthouses to visit

              - Die Waschplätze von Le Conquet


    - Archaeological

          - Prehistoric :

            - The giant menhir of Plouarzel
            - David and Goliath
            - The last menhirs of Kermorvan
            - The tumulus of Carn Island
            - Asterix and Obelix in Kerguiabo
            - The great menhir of Kerhouézel
            - The menhirs of the St-Laurent peninsula
            - Traonigou's two menhirs
            - The megaliths of Guilliguy
            - The megaliths of Kerivoret and Prat Joulou
            - The dolmen of St-Gonvel
            - The megaliths of Melon Island
            - The dolmen of Poulliot
            - Mesdoun's menhirs
            - The dolmen of the Ribl
            - The menhirs and the engraved slab of St-Denec
            - The great menhir of St-Gonvarc'h
            - Kereven's dismantled alignment
            - The sentinels of the wild coast

          - Celtic :

            - The engraved stele of the Ponant Museum
            - The pretty stele of Goulven
            - The two guards of the town hall in Locmaria-Plouzané
            - The steles of the gallows of the monks
            - The steles of Keraudy's Lapidary Garden
            - The great stele of Croas Teo
            - The steles of La Madeleine
            - The steles of La Croix-Normands
            - The lower ovoid stele of the Dreff in Porspoder
            - The low ovoid stele of Prat-Paul in Porspoder
            - The Gallic stele in the centre of Ploudalmézeau
            - The stele of Général de Gaulle squarre in Ploudalmézeau
            - The hemispherical stele of Sandrioné
            - The beautiful Stang-an-Heol stele
            - The stele of the village of Milizac
            - The stele of Penn-ar-Prat
            - The stele of Croas Men
            - The engraved stele of Lanrivoaré
            - The stele lying on the Ste-Haude fountain
            - The engraved stele of St-Gonvel chapel
            - The steles of the golf road
            - The beautiful stele of the Plouarzel cemetery
            - The stele of the old lavoir of Trézien
            - The steles of Saint-Ergat
            - The fallen stele of Penn an Dour

    - Civil heritage

        - Remains of past activities :

            - The bollard of Trébabu
            - The Columns of Justice
            - The Pointe St-Mathieu Fire Tower
            - The Lanhalla dovecote
            - The search for tin in St-Renan
            - The davits of the coast
            - The seaweed ovens
            - The lavoirs the country of Iroise
            - The Lanhalla ripper
            - The Kersaint Viaduct
            - The Potatoes Train
            - Ru Vras windmill
            - The Poncelin Street Pump at Le Conquet

        - The sundials :

            - Lanildut's dial
            - Lanrivoaré's dial
            - The sundial of Le Conquet
            - Plourin's dial
            - Milizac's dial
            - The missing dial of Tréouergat
            - The sundial of Argenton

        - Castles and manors :

            - The castle of Trémazan
            - The castle of Kervéatoux
            - Le château de Kergroadez (lien)
            - The manor of Kerenneur
            - The Bel Air manor

        - Remarkable houses :

            - The Cardinal House
            - The Gérard House
            - The Canons' House
            - The house of lords
in Le Conquet

            - The House of the English
            - The house of the Golden Lion
in Le Conquet

        - Fountains, wells and lavoirs :

            - The Sainte-Haude fountain
            - The Saint-Ergat fountain
            - The Poncelin Street Pump
            - The lavoirs the country of Iroise
            - Le Grand Lavoir de St-Renan
            - The lavoirs of Le Conquet

    - Religious heritage

        - Churches and their parish enclosures :

            - Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre Abbey
            - Notre-Dame de Liesse Church in St-Renan
            - St-Pierre and St-Vincent-Ferrier Church in Ploudalmézeau
            - St-Pol Aurélien church in Lampaul-Ploudalmézeau
            - St-Ronan Church in Molène ( link )
            - Holy Cross Church of Le Conquet
            - St Rivoaré Church in Lanrivoaré
            - St-Peter and St-Paul de Milizac Church
            - The Notre-Dame de Lanvénec Church of Locmaria-Plouzané
            - St. Tugdual Church in Trebabu
            - The St-Arzel church in Plouarzel
            - Notre-Dame de Brélès Church
            - Saint-Ildut Church of Lanildut
            - The Notre-Dame de Trézien church in Plouarzel
            - St-Peter Church in Ploumoguer
            - St-Pierre-aux-liens Lamber Church in Ploumoguer
            - St-Gouescat church at Tréouergat
            - The St-Budoc church in Porspoder
            - St-Paul-Aurélien church in Lampaul-Plouarzel
            - St-Gwenael Church in Plougonvelin
            - St-Budoc Church in Plourin, currently closed to the public (link)

          - A multitude of little chapels :

            - The Notre-Dame de Grace chapel at Saint-Mathieu
            - Notre-Dame du Val Chapel
            - St-Ourzal Chapel
            - The Dom Michel Chapel
            - The St-Michel Chapel
            - Kersaint Chapel
            - St-Samson Chapel
            - The St-Gonvel Chapel
            - St-Egarec Chapel
            - Locmeven Chapel
            - Saint-Roch Chapel
            - The St-Eloi Chapel
            - The Chapel of the Thieves

         - Other sacred places :

            - The hermitage of Saint Hervé
            - The Cemetery of the Saints

    - Military heritage :

            - The maquis of Kergoff in Treouergat
            - The "Mémoires 39-45" museum in Plougonvelin
            - Lanildut coastal battery
            - The Toul Logot battery in Plougonvelin
            - The Toulbroc'h fort in Locmaria-Plouzané
            - The old Argenton battery
            - Ru Vras guard station point
            - The gatehouse of Melon
            - The fort of Bertheaume ( link )
            - The Bilou gatehouse

    - Maritime heritage :

            - The gold currency known as Pytheas' stater
            - Document: Pytheas the Massaliot
            - Deolen Creek
            - The small harbour of Mazou
            - Kerhoazoc's semaphore
            - The lighthouses of the Iroise Sea
            - Document : Memories of a lighthouse keeper.
            - The lighthouse of Kermorvan
            - The Pointe St-Mathieu lighthouse
            - The lighthouse of Trézien
            - The fire of Lochrist


    - The remarkable landscapes :

            - Keramezec Lookout
            - The Gard'Sign orientation table
            - The ria of Le Conquet
            - Bertheaume's area
            - The tip of Corsen
            - Aber Ildut Lookout
            - Porspaul's orientation table
            - The tourist road of the Wild Coast
            - The Vivier peninsula
            - Jean Hobé walk
            - La pointe de Kermorvan

    - The fauna :

            - The birds of the Conquet estuary
             - Grey seals of the Iroise Sea
             - The great dolphin of the sea of Iroise
             - The goose barnacle and the goose neck barnacle
             - The birds of the lakes of St-Renan

    - The flora :

            - The garden of the Moulin Neuf
            - The Vaëré garden
            - Brenterc'h's low flowered walls

        - The flora to protect

            - The sea crist, conqueror of rocks
            - The oyat, fixator of sands
            - Dune panicum
            - The maritime thrift, the small eyelet of the coast

        - Invasive flora :

            - The witch's claw
            - The grass of the pampas
            - Three Cornered Leek
            - Japanese knotweed
            - La jussie (lien)

        - The seaweeds :

            - Algae from the top of the foreshore
            - The algae at the bottom of the foreshore
            - Algae below the foreshore

        - The rocks :

            - Kerglonou's quarry
            - The cliff of Brenterc'h
            - The sea caves
            - The Portez cave in Le Conquet