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Brenterc'h's low flowered walls

Municipality of Ploumoguer

GPS : 48°23'19.5 N   4°46'13.6 W

   Flowered walls, you may say, are not original. Admittedly, many homeowners design their garden walls and introduce a variety of floral species that delight walkers. However, in the hamlet of Brenterc'h, well away from the main road and coastal path where tourists pass by, there is an unknown place where this effort is exemplary.

Accès : From Ploumoguer, follow the D28 towards Le Conquet. After 300m, turn right towards Illien beach. At the end of the road, turn right again, and then take the first small road to the left ( Cross ). You arrive at the hamlet of Brenterc'h. Park there and walk along the left road that leads to the sea. The flowered walls line this path.

   It is from May that you must come to admire this floral exhibition. The owners have been able to highlight a very old low wall along the road for more than 50 m by harmoniously planting there a whole range of stone flowers.

   There, facing south, these different species have found a privileged location : a ground particularly well suited to their roots that dig between the stones. Not too much humidity since rainwater flows naturally, and above all a sunbathing essential for their development from the first rays of the day. The result is a generous cascade of flowers with the most beautiful effect.

  At the top of the walls, other species such as the agapanthus or the poppy bring a vertical dimension to these plantations whose juxtaposition is obliged to follow the horizontality of the road.

  The foot of the wall is also decorated with colourful perennials to highlight the wall palette.

  Above all, among all these flower clusters, you will recognize different species of ficoids, excluding, of course, the witch's claws, which are invasive. It must be said that the ficoids, originating from South Africa, like particularly well the Pays d'Iroise where they find a mild temperature even in winter. All they need is well-drained soil.

  And behind the wall is a second one where the harmony of floral tones blends well with the colour and shape of surprising objects reminiscent of the omnipresence of the ocean.


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