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The translations

You have noticed the little flags at the top of each page of this site. Just click on one of them to get directly the translation of the page in English, German or Spanish.

   This translation is probably better than the one you get with for example the Google machine translation. But it is not without its flaws because it is also a machine translation. However, it has been done sentence by sentence and has the merit of having been reviewed and corrected. In principle, for an English, German or Spanish person, the page is understandable. And above all, I think that the misunderstandings have been eliminated. However, do not hesitate to point out to me the expressions that are still wrong. There is still a lot left and I count on the Internet users to propose me a more correct expression when it is necessary.

   I particularly thank my friend Glyn Orpwood, a Conquétois who is both French and British, for his painstaking work on several dozen pages of this site, whose faulty translation he corrected. Glyn deserves a lot of credit for offering me his help on a volunteer basis, even though this is his job. By clicking on the image below, you can discover his activities. Who knows? Maybe you will need him too...

Glyn Orpwood

Yannick Loukianoff